Clean & Secure Energy from Domestic Oil Shale & Oil Sands Resources
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Development of Conventional Oil and Gas Production Modules for CLEARuff


Terry Ring, Jonathan Wilkey

Project Purpose/Goals

  • Development of conventional oil and gas production modules for CLEARuff
  • Validation and uncertainty quantification of production modules with data from conventional oil and gas production history in Utah's Uinta Basin

Project Sponsor

Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Project Description

A basin-scale simulation tool, CLEARuff, has been developed by researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to assess basin- or regional-scale environmental and economic impacts of unconventional fuel development. This project will interface with two other Institute for Clean and Secure Energy projects, Life-cycle Greenhouse Gas Analysis of Conventional Oil and Gas Development in the Uinta Basin and V/UQ Analysis of Basin Scale CLEARuff Assessment Tool, to develop the necessary new modules for conventional oil and gas production to tailor CLEARuff to simulate the Uinta Basin's history of oil and gas development. The details of developmental interdependencies will be maintained for all new modules developed. These interdependencies including air quality, water utilization, power utilization, drilling rates, oil and gas production rates, impacts on labor, and local and state wide economic impacts. The oil and gas production modules will include well drilling, fracking, well completion and production from these new wells at various stages (primary, secondary and tertiary) of production. The model will give time-dependent results as to the use of resources (power, water, drilling and production equipment, labor) and the outputs from this industry (oil and gas produced, taxes paid, spin-off in the state and local economy). These time dependent results will be compared with historical data associated a recent oil and gas industry boom/bust cycle in the Uinta Basin.